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About Us

    Cooking has always been a big part in Sunny’s life. Being raised by an amazing chef having the ability to taste good food was a given. It takes talent and passion for cooking. His passion for cooking ignited when he was given the opportunity to learn how to cook food, he was not so familiar with growing up, but it was his favorite which was Sushi. Amagi Japanese Cuisine was a small family owned restaurant that Sunny’s parents were working at. At the age of 14, going straight from school to the kitchen. He started working in the kitchen learning about frying tempura, mixtures of sauces, and the most important of all cooking Japanese rice. We all know that Sushi rice is the most important element in Sushi. No matter how fresh the fish was the off balance of the Sushi rice can completely ruin the experience. As years went by, learning from great mentors who taught him the traditional way of Japanese Cuisine. Slowly working his way up from being the shrimp tempura frying boy to the friendly sushi chef in front of the sushi bar. What’s important to Sunny when it comes to Sushi is quality of the food and the experience.


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 updated 05/14/2019